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Lawn Care and Cultivation

Lawn Care and Cultivation

Lawn Care and Cultivation


One of the most important issues in grass sowing is soil preparation.

After coarse leveling, raking (fine leveling) is performed. The raking process is important, there are no small pits and mounds in the field. After raking, a 40-50 kg cylinder is passed over the soil or the soil is pressed down with a 30x30 cm middle handle wooden mallet. So that when the foot is pressed, there should be no footprint.

When the soil preparation is completed, sowing is done. In general, 30-40 grams of seeds are reduced to an area of ​​1m2, but it can be increased up to 50 grams in mixtures with large seeds (such as Lolliumperenne). 20% more seeds are sown in spring planting

Seeding should be done in the morning or in the evening in a calm, windless atmosphere. When the seed sowing is completed, the roller is passed again (or pressed with a wooden mallet) so that the seeds stick to the soil. After this, a 1-2 mm thick cover is discarded. No cover is discarded. Because very small seeds enter the soil gaps and germinate in between. As a cover material, soil mixture with leaf decay or a mixture of very well burned, sieved farm manure can be used.

After seed suppression and cover works, irrigation is the most important job. water can not move the soil pressure, fine filter head should be installed by watering. otherwise, the lawns will move and gaps will occur on the field. water is important for germination and development of seeds. Watering should be done every day until the soil becomes wet with 3-5 cm thick soil layer.

If the soil is too dry before sowing, it will be difficult to absorb the water after sowing and it will be irrigated 1-2 days before sowing.

Sown seeds, depending on the plant species and depending on the sowing season germinate between 7-21 days. In this case, the grass planted field should be watered every day for a month without any drying out.